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AHhh I love Ward! Would love to see Skyeward fanart if you ever want to draw them. :)

I love this pairing too. but Ward…you hurt my feel  T T

Preview of the items included for pre-orders. There's also a special 2


Hello everyone!

Thank you for being patient with us. Pre-orders are finally open! So go check it out at dressrosazine.storenvy.com. There’s also a "Gear Third" option you can choose when pre-ordering that has some cool extra stuff, so be sure you look at that too!

We also have a preview of the stickers we’ll be including with all pre-orders. Each stickers is 2” x 2”, printed on glossy sticker paper. Regular pre-orders will get 3 random stickers, while the special Gear Third pre-order will get all the designs!

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an ask/e-mail.

-Dressrosa Zine Team