31st July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

Are you self taught?

Yes but I have learned something from my art class in school and Uni too.


30th July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

I think anon was confused since some of you works look really different and don't all have your signature on, it's an easy mistake

yes my style always change and sometime I  try a new things. so I still wonder about my art too //cries  oh! sometime forget to put my name on it.

30th July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

How old are you?

30th July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

And top 10 anime? Ok, I don't bother you anymore. XD

I have choose only Japanese anime.

and I always love my childhood anime ♥

1.howl’s moving castle

2.spirited away


4.card captor sakura

5.ojamajo doremi


7.let’s & go!!!

8.kyoukai no kanata

9.ano hana

10.ookami san to shichinin no nakama tachi